Bring Them Grace

So these places make me sad,
filled with despair, destitution.
So I ask God why, why this?
My feet walk in puddles and dirt,
trash and broken things.

Yet there is life, love to be found,
a hope burrowed beneath the sadness.
So we bring truth, so we pray to our father.
Forgive them, and bring them grace.
For we know that victory is won,
that the devil has no power.

Come Lord, let your Kingdom come.
Take your children back,
O Lord

They throw oil on fire,
yet it rages on,
and so it spreads, far and wide.

Adonai, I Pray

My heart wanders to an island,
as it walks upon the waters on the way

For I know all around me is sin,
a darkness I flee form and hate

Yet in midst of ruin around me,
in midst of those who curse your name

I fall to my knees on an island far away

So you hold my hand and cup my heart,
so the waters calm my spirit,
in the wind I call your name

Your love is enough, O Lord
for you know my name,
and the name of the waters,
the name of the winds,
and you call me,
so I find rest in strife,
a peace in war

My lips speak your name, Adonai
To my knees I fall, my face in the sand,
for my heart runs to yours, and all glory
to my King.

Are We So Blind

Are we so blind
to reject what is given,
what we are born with.

So lost
that we let our feelings dictate
who we are.

So hopeless,
that we say the only thing
we can do is live ’till death.

Our eyes upon creation wand we say
Our lips on another and we say
‘chemical reaction’

O Lost

Broken Glass

Even broken glass
looks beautiful in the sunlight
Every piece glimmering something sweet
yet, broken and on the floor

Brokenness smiles sweet
dances in the candlelight
even with a drop of smoke

Those few seconds with brokenness
where the shattered glass feels so together,
O Lost is the truth, as the shards
stab it dead.

O Lost , for our hearts are weak,
for our mind is a daze
Even now I seek the love of brokenness,
to kiss the broken glass

O Truth, where art thou?

Where the Roots Run Deeper

A mystery to equivalent exchange
as the heart kneels
a cornerstone while the building seeks destruction
as the mind seeks
not a reward, but a fulfillment,
So deep in the heart of men
where roots run deeper than the bite of winter,
A bloom of faith due spring
Where friendship turns to service of Kings

So the wise ones speak of it
So the foolish ones lose it
Where a loving heart withers in winds
Where the rise of anger finds no hold

Love meets unconditional
Where the dearly beloved may turn away,
So the heart pursues
A surrender even when unseen
For many will fall to their own desires
They forget the beauty, so veiled by pride
And the few who are beauty by such faith
As service is beauty in itself
So the manifestation of such,
a pure loyalty.